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motors20in20 icontest for motorsports fans!
motors20in20, like any other 20in20, is an icontest wherein icon makers pick their subject, are given 10 themes and a category and have to make 20 icons (1 for each of the themes, 10 for the category and then 5 artists choice) in 20 days. Themes and categories are posted on the first of every month, and the contest closes at 11:59 GMT on the 20th of every month. Next round sign-ups will open once the previous contest is closed and voting has gone up, usually both on the 21st of every month, until the end. And then it all begins again.

motors20in20, as the name suggests, is open to icon makers from all areas of the motorsport fandom - whether you're into Moto GP, Formula One, IndyCar or WRC (or anything else I'm too lazy to list), you're welcome to sign up and make icons.
Well the main difference is that most 20in20 comms are based on celebrities, movies, musicians etc. This comm will be concerned solely with anything and everything from the world of motorsports! I've found that the opportunities to make motorsport related icons in a contest environment are few and far between, so I thought I'd open the door!
♠    Icons must fit LJ standards (under 40KB, 100x100px)
♠    Icons must be stills - no animations!
♠    Icons must be new (i.e. made first for this contest!)
♠    X-posting to other comms, for example [info]f1icons is allowed.
♠    Please post 3 teaser icons outside a cut / link to the rest on your journal.
♠    If you'd like a participation banner, please say so OUTSIDE of the cut.
♠    Minor language is okay, but anything bad should be stated outside of the cut (I must stress, no (full) nudity).
♠    Incomplete entries will not be accepted - all 20 icons must be made!
♠    Please don't post links to a flocked entry, or a 'timed' entry (an entry that will be flocked in a certain number of days).
♠    It would be appreciated if you could tag your entries ('participant: [your username]', 'driver: [your driver]', and 'round [number]: entry'. If, per chance, you or your driver don't already have tags, use the '! new tag' tag and I'll fix it up for you :)
♠    Your post title should be 'Round [number]: [Driver name]', just to keep things easy.
♠    Posts are moderated just to make sure everything's okay, but you should all have posting access.
♠    Please take the time out to have a look at everyone's icons - everyone will have worked really hard on them and I'm sure they appreciate the comments!
♠    Please post using the table below. Colours can be customised to suit your own page's scheme, as long as the base layout is the same.
f1_challenge -- theinsideline -- everythingf1
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